March 23, 2017

Old Parliament House series

Andrew Merry was commissioned by the Museum of Australian Democracy, Old Parliament House in 2015 to do creative architectural photography of the historic building. The focus of the project was on the interiors of the building as there are surprisingly few interior images of the iconic building. The exterior has been well documented and so Andrew had to find a fresh approach to representing this well-known building. Also photographed were still life images of parts of the Museum of Australian Democracy’s vast archive. Andrew’s approach to the project was to create images that feel both ‘old and new’ and he chose black and white as the best way to simplify the aesthetics of the largely monochrome building.
The photographs from this series have been archived in the Prime Minister’s Collection. Large black and white prints are now on permanent display at Old Parliament House in the Terrace Café and the Hoi Polloi restaurant.