March 23, 2017


Hydro Majestic: Belgravia Hydro Majestic: Belgravia Collection
Old Parliament House, Canberra Old Parliament House series
The Cecil, Katoomba Katoomba Gentrification Project
Redfern, Sydney Redfern series
Grose Valley, Blue Mountains Grose Valley: Extreme Sublime
3 Sisters Motel, Katoomba Blue Mountains: an Illustrated Souvenir
Burnt out walking track to the Grose Valley Fire, Cicadas and other phenomena
Mountain Devil, Blue Mountains Return of the Mountain Devil
Portal East: Blue Mountains watching Sydney Portal East
Edgewood: Aerial Photography of New Suburbia Edgewood
Xeno Eucalyptus no. 10 Xeno Eucalyptus

3000 feet video still 3000 feet