March 23, 2017

Blue Mountains: an Illustrated Souvenir 2012

In the exhibition Blue Mountains: an Illustrated Souvenir Andrew responds to artistic representations of the Blue Mountains from the past 200 years. His photographs reproduce popular visual styles from the sublime and the picturesque to postcard traditions. The images include cloud filled valleys, cliff edges, brooding landscapes, valley floors, waterfalls, fires and the rejuvenation of the bush. Thus, the exhibition presents both a critique of clichéd views and a pleasurable ‘acting out’ of these clichés. Locations for the photographs include the Blue Gum Forest, Hanging Rock, and the Grose and Jamison Valleys. Three of the images from this exhibition are now included in the Blue Mountains Cultural Centre Collection (Valley of the Grose 2011, After Harry Phillips 2011, 3 Sisters Motel 2011).