March 24, 2017

3000 feet

Title: 3000 feet, 2013
Medium: HD video footage and digital stills (no audio)
Length: 6:59 minutes

The purpose of this work is to show both contrast and ambiguity between seemingly different landscapes.

The left screen presents photographs of the western Scottish Highlands. The right screen presents video footage of the upper Blue Mountains in Australia. These two landscapes are geographically at opposite ends of the world. What the two opposing landscapes have in common is ‘altitude’ as they are both located at around 3000 feet (914 metres) above sea level. In Scotland a mountain over 3000 feet is called a ‘Munro’. The artist climbed 12 Munros in the Glencoe and Torridon areas whilst living in Scotland.

Andrew Merry lives in the Blue Mountains and as a result the footage from that area has a familiar and intimate quality, whereas the still images from the Scottish highlands appear more like snapshots taken whilst traversing the landscape. Images of ‘hill walkers’ passing through the landscape add to this sense of a fleeting yet sublime experience.